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07/08/2020 Bleach Washed Mini Collection Routine’s latest Bleach Washed mini collection is here! We have selected a few of our favorite shirts from the past and added a little summertime upgrade. The motivation for this collection is two-fold. First and foremost, we were looking for fun ways to utilize and engage our currently furloughed employees when we s... Read More »
05/12/2020 A World Without... As we all wait for Baseball’s return, we thought it would be cool to share the perspective from one of our top fans. Here’s a piece written by Corey Sanzone (Follow him @san3zone) --- ‘I never thought I would see a world without baseball. Recently one of my Facebook posts from nine years ago popped up on my social ... Read More »
12/17/2019 Rise And Grind Winter is upon us. With snow storms pushing through Midwest and the bone chilling cold that comes with it, we all have dreams of spring, warm weather and the dawn of a new season. It is all too easy to take the off-season off, eat way too much food during the holidays and just mail it in. However, this horrible basebal... Read More »
08/12/2019 Welcome To The Show Ken Griffey Jr. Presents. Triple Play. Slugfest. Backyard Baseball. MVP. 2K. MLB The Show. There have been several video games portraying America’s pastime. Some lasted for years. Several have dwindled away. Though one has remained constant for the last ten plus years, giving fans an escape to get even closer to the ga... Read More »
07/15/2019 B. Strong Earlier this year, you may remember Routine launching a shirt called the “B. Strong Charity Tee”. All proceeds made from the sales of the t-shirt would go to supporting the recovery of a Wisconsin native, avid baseball player, and infectiously good-spirited man, Brandon Mantz. Brandon moved from Milwaukee to Denver, ... Read More »
07/08/2019 Have Your Own Routine Have Your Own Routine @san3zone Human beings, as a whole, are creatures of habit. We all have our routines that get us through the day, whether we are at work or school, or just a day around the house. We wake up, drink coffee, check Twitter, Instagram, etc. Where ballplayers differ, is we take those routines to the e... Read More »
04/23/2019 On The Field x Off The Field Featuring Pro Ball Southpaw, Alex Katz We. Are. Back! A lot has been going on with the return of the baseball season and what a beautiful time of year it is! One thing that the MLB has preached, is their new slogan, “Let The Kids Play”, and it’s a really cool thing because the new faces of baseball are all about the movement and the continued upward growth... Read More »
03/20/2019 On The Field x Off The Field Featuring M's Stud Reliever, Dan Altavilla Imagine going to a small Division 2 college, chasing a dream, and then one day; making it all come true? Well, well, well, this isn't the script of the beginning of a movie... It's the real life of Seattle Mariners reliever, Dan Altavilla. 'Danimal' as his friends and teammates refer to him, is an amazing story, incred... Read More »
02/22/2019 On The Field x Off The Field: Featuring Brewers #1 Prospect, Keston Hiura "I think the one main thing I found special about baseball players are..."... Read More »
02/15/2019 On The Field x Off The Field: Featuring ATL Young Gas Thrower, Touki Toussaint The Atlanta Braves are a promising young team as a whole. Great young lineup, that is no longer a secret in the baseball world; but how about that staff? Young flame thrower Touki Toussaint is going to be in the spotlight this spring while solidifying a spot with the Braves rotation. Touki is laid back, but hard worki... Read More »
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