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09/10/2019 Who doesn't love a good bundle? We all love to save money! More for less might as well be the new American dream. We bundle TV packages to have 500+ channels of shows that we don't watch. We bundle car insurance with our homes, boats, bikes, dogs and pretty much everything else, to save money. Only catch to this is, all of these other bundles are as ... Read More »
08/20/2019 A Bryce Surprise When the North Camden Pirates, a youth baseball team in Pennsylvania, went to a local DICK’s Sporting Goods store, they expected to hop in the cage and get some swings in. Instead, these kids got a lot more than just batting practice. The team, to their surprise, would meet the new face of Philly; Bryce Harper. The ma... Read More »
08/20/2019 Top 5 Baseball Podcasts Ok, we are in 2019 where traditional radio is a thing of the past but we have gone full throttle into the podcast generation and it is a beautiful thing. So, why not post an article about the top 5 baseball podcasts according to Chris. If you have a different top 5 or maybe there’s a one you love that I don’t mention... Read More »
08/12/2019 Welcome To The Show Ken Griffey Jr. Presents. Triple Play. Slugfest. Backyard Baseball. MVP. 2K. MLB The Show. There have been several video games portraying America’s pastime. Some lasted for years. Several have dwindled away. Though one has remained constant for the last ten plus years, giving fans an escape to get even closer to the ga... Read More »
08/06/2019 Way To Go, Joe Very rarely am I enamored with a piece of clothing. I may really like a shirt, or have a favorite hat, but it takes a lot for a piece to make me fall in love with it. Then, “Sleeveless Joe” came into my life. It arrived one day, a day with little significance or meaning. Packed perfectly with the “Keep It Routine” labe... Read More »
08/06/2019 The BP Pullover Jacket Let me tell you about one of the newest pieces that just dropped, because it is one of the cleanest ones there is. The Routine Pullover is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re warming up in practice or before a game or just rocking it with your friends, you can’t go wrong grabbing this piece. It’s lightweight and... Read More »
07/25/2019 Talking About Practice??? “You want to talk about practice? PRACTICE?” Yes, but more specifically batting practice. All too often my teammates, and younger kids that I help coach, go through batting practice without any intent. What I mean by that is, they go in just to take their “hacks” and get out. They don’t work on things, try to perfect... Read More »
07/23/2019 Don't Sleep On The MILB Whether you’re a die-hard fanatic or just an average fan; there is one thing that you usually look forward to at certain parts of the year, your biggest prospects getting called up to the show. You see these guys grind it out in the minors for years and they finally get to make their much anticipated debuts. What they ... Read More »
07/21/2019 UnaniMOus Hi there. I’m happy to be writing to you! My name is J.T. and I have been a baseball fan since birth. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you have been as well. It is a great feeling to be able to write about baseball again. I worked for a radio station in college as a producer, engineer, and beat reporter for the sports ... Read More »
07/19/2019 Stealing First Base? Over the last few years, Manfred and the MLB have been trying to find new ways to keep people engaged and have more action in the game. Some have speculated, MLB players included, that the balls are juiced to allow more offense, which they believe is what baseball viewers want to see. They are tinkering with a pitch cl... Read More »
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